Fleuriste aux cerises



rose aroma h.touch


My customer who loves rose aroma

has given me a box flowers filled

with many yellow roses.


This box gift is from

Fleuriste aux cerises in azabujuban

which is near my salon, h.touch.


Both rose flower and rose aroma

are so precious and bring

joy, happiness, and elegance.


Woman love roses I think, and

of course I am no exception!


I am so happy to receive

such a  lovely gift!


Thank you very much!


rose aroma h.touch

rose aroma h.touch


Fleuriste aux cerises

They have  four sizes of this

‘Rouge cerises’ and come in

yellow, white, red, pink and mixed.

Rouge cerises is such a luxury.


Flowers always make people smile.



h.touch therapist

Naomi Hoshi