h.touch- Relaxation salon , Aroma oil massage-






h.touch is a relaxation salon that you have aromatherapy massage. h.touch treatment using essential oils is relaxing and balancing your mind and body.Our deep and strong pressure is so effective to improve your blood circulation , recovering your muscle from fatigue. Salon service is limited to two guests per day. h.touch is for  both  men and women.





-Aroma body massage-

・Standard 120 ( massage 120 min , total150min) / ¥19,000

・Long 150 ( massage 150 min , total 180 min) / ¥23,000

・Luxury 180( massage 180 min , total 210 min) / ¥27,000


-Optional menu*-

・Extra time  30min / ¥5000

・Head massage 20min / ¥2000

・Facial treatment  30min / ¥5000

・Foot reflexology 30min / ¥3000

・A time for a sleep after massage 15min / ¥1000

* available only in addition to  Aroma body massage


All body menus include Shiatu on head & face. You can choose aroma foot bath or shower before body treatment. You can pay in cash or credit card.(visa,master,amex,dinners) If you pay in cash, you can get extra 10 min massage for free!





h.touch is a private salon and reservation only.


To ensure your preferred day and time and service is available, we do advise booking in advance.





Please send us your message including your full name , phone number  and your requests : Massage course , Day and Time. We will get back to you within 12 hours.  If you can’t receive our mail after sending your request, kindly contact us by phone call. Kindly understand messages and calls can only be handled when not servicing for a guest.


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〒106-0045 Azabujuban 3-7-5 decimo AZABU 6F ,Minatoku-Tokyo


Open 12:00am- Last in 7:30pm

/ Irregular holidays


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Naomi Hoshi

h.touch owner and therapist



If you have any questions , please ask me by e-mail: aroma@h-touch.info